We may be a small Website Design & Digital Marketing Agency but we have a lot to offer. Our personalised, dedicated service and attentive customer support pack a walloping punch enabling us to deliver first-class customer service and lasting impressions for your customers.

Our energy and efforts are focused on managing a few clients at a time, we believe you, as the customer, should have our full attention.


Your customer’s first impression

A slow or unresponsive website can cause a high bounce rate, which, can result in valuable losses. 

Google and other search engines, like to see people spending time on websites to make them worthy of being indexed. If your website is too slow to react, simply hard to navigate or outdated, sadly, your website will be overlooked. 


Be seen by the people that matter to your business

Marketing is forever changing and improving, making it easier for businesses to show off their products or services. However, it can also be a minefield for those with little or no experience. 

Finding the right balance can take time, money and stress, so, using a digital marketing agency who have already identified the highs and lows, the failures and successes, can save you a hefty packet, and some sweat!


Websites designed for any business, from talented tradesmen and women to commercial enterprises. Our websites give your business more exposure in a competitive marketplace.

  • Schools & colleges
  • Tradesmen & women
  • Small to Medium Businesses
  • Corporations
  • Online stores
  • High street traders
  • Ecommerce websites (sell online)
PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising can be a minefield and burn a hole in your bank statement. With our support and assistance, you can get an edge on the competition and a higher conversion rate. Often, reducing your overall spending budget.

Digital Marketing

With an endless list of opportunities specifically created for your industry and your clients, we will support you in targeting the most important customers to generate a higher return on your investment.

Social Media

Utilising the power of social media correctly, some amazing things can happen to the way people interact with your business, your products and your exposure. All of these elements lead to a far more productive way of gaining exposure and building your brand.


Our ethos is rather simple and that is to lift the burden and workload of dealing with endless jargon, hosting accounts or issues often associated with hosting email and websites, along with security issues you may discover along the way.

We won’t be blindsiding you with jargon. You focus on what you’re good at and leave the rest to us. We will happily set up your website hosting, email and security for your website.


Search Engine Optimisation is an art form, there’s no doubt about it and it can be incredibly time-consuming keeping up with the latest trends, the latest rules and regulations as well as keeping websites up to date to stay in the limelight.

Managing your SEO through Cosmic Sprout will relieve valuable time, whilst boosting your exposure online

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